Wild beauty of a region with torn coasts, against which the sea crashes violently, Tregor is a country in itself, with its islands where birds and wind reign supreme. A land of druids and century-old legends, of cervoise served generously, this region is home to wonderful landscapes drawn by the wind, salt and water.

Visit the Côtes-d’Armor

One comes to Trégor to admire a preserved nature, to walk along the small paths and to stroll for hours, with a light heart.

This is the reason why the city of Trégor is known as the “authentic Trégor”, which keeps in its soil memories that have defied time, such as the numerous Celtic vestiges scattered everywhere. The friendly population, which has been able to transmit to its children the passion of the local folklore and the respect of the traditions. Rich and varied gastronomy, between fars and buckwheat cakes sprinkled with cider. From Locquirec to Paimpol, the Trégor is a crown adorned with a thousand jewels, each one more sparkling than the next: it’s up to you to discover them (I will help you with the greatest pleasure).

Lannion, capital of Trégor, nestled in the peaceful Leguer valley, between the Pink Granite Coast and the Heather Coast, is the 2nd city of the Côtes d’Armor with its 19,880 inhabitants.

In a historical setting symbolized by the church of Brélévenez at the top of its 142 steps (11th & 12th century and erected by the Templars) and the half-timbered houses of the Place du Général Leclerc, the city invites you to explore its squares, streets and paved alleys, its churches, chapels and monasteries.

mer cotes d'armor
maison plage bretagne
Paysage rochers mer bretagne
Mer bretagne rocher

Stroll in Côtes-d’Armor

The diversity of the refined boutiques in the heart of the city encourages to stroll and to go hunting all year round, and especially not to miss for nothing in the world the great appointment of Thursday: LE MARCHÉ DE LANNION, one of the most important in Brittany.

A few minutes from the city center, many animations and activities are proposed to you. Whatever your level, beginner or advanced, in the middle of nature or on a health trail, along the coast or in the countryside, you will find hiking trails for walkers, cyclists or horse riders.
The kayak lovers will be able to confront the elements in a white water stadium or let themselves slide at the rhythm of the tides towards the Tregorre castles or the Pink Granite Coast.

Sunbathing or sea bathing lovers will win the numerous fine sand beaches of Lannion, Perros-Guirec, Trébeurden, Trégastel, Pleumeur-Bodou, Trestel,…
You will also be able to discover our sublime coasts from up there by piloting yourself an airplane next to an instructor-pilot, close to the guest rooms.

What to visit in Côtes-d’Armor?

You will also be able to satisfy yourself by visiting the many historical sites and monuments, museums or all the companies that open their doors to you.

  • The picturesque cities of Lannion, Tréguier, Paimpol, Guingamp, Morlaix
  • Le gouffre de Plougrescant et le circuit des Ajoncs (Gorse circuit)
  • The steam train Paimpol Guingamp
  • The island of Bréhat : the island of flowers
  • The exhibitions of the Jagu Rock Castle
  • The abbey of Beauport (13th century)
  • The Castle of Tonquédec (13th century)
  • The Tumulus of Barnenez
  • The circuits of the parish enclosures of Finistère and Côtes d’Armor
  • The Abyss of Finistère

And of course you will enjoy our crêpes and our farm cider, our seafruits and our fish (without forgetting the meats), and you’ll have fun by entering the dance of our weekly fest-noz or you’ll discover the Breton dances by listening to groups of Breton music.
You can visit our beautiful region of North Brittany by clicking on this link: North coast of Armorique.

Gouffre de Plougrescant
cathedrale treguier